Ts LunaaTrans

LunaaTrans - Sweden - Transsexuel escort

- country: Sweden
- town: gothenburg

Phone: KIK: BimboSparkly
E-mail: cappacc97@gmail.com

Age: 21
Height: 181cm
Weight: 84kg

Language: swedish

Language2: english

Incall/Outcall: no / yes

hi there, im a 21-year old transgirl. im pre-hormones and pre-surgeries. Id say that my looks are kinda gender neutral, im escorting to afford surgeries and hormones. so, are you looking for a whore to give you a porn experience? hardcore, brutal, degrading sex? where you treat the whore like a sex object? you've come to the right place ;) I offer the most degrading, kinky, and dirty sex you could think of. Im doing pretty much everything as long as you pay me ;) -Oral- *30min, deepthroat&moutfuck; 50EUR *30min, all of the above PLUS slaps; 60EUR *30min, all of the above PLUS forcefully make me throw up; 75EUR -Anal- *1hr, anal&oral, cum as many times as youd like; 75EUR *1hr, all of the above, PLUS slaps, and spanking; 80EUR *1hr, all of the above, PLUS no limits, use me as you'd like, keep using me even if I beg you not to; 90EUR *4hrs, All of the above;110EUR *6hrs, all of the above; 125EUR *4hrs, all of the above,gangbang (5+men); 175EUR *6hrs, all of the above, gangbang (5+men); 200EUR * weekend "slave" all of the above, use me as a sexslave, max 5men; 500EUR NO kissing, everything happens with condoms, at ALL times. contact: KIK my KIK: BimboSparkly
contact me on kik, my name on there: BimboSparkly

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